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RENT STRIKE is a call to action! Fiercely independent and pushing up against all bounds, their music is a wild dream, a spreading fire, an explosion in every direction, and a challenge to our notion of our time and of our place. Their new record NOW is a sieve for the dread of the present day, confronting the widespread alienation and disillusionment of late capital head-on to sift out the pieces of hope, resistance, and joy from the experiences within, and the possibilities without. 

RENT STRIKE has appeared in various forms throughout its decade-long existence. It is primarily a vehicle for the songwriting of John Warmb, who is supported by percussionist Nick LaForge in the studio and on the road.

This spring, RENT STRIKE is touring with NYC Anti folk legend Brook Pridemore, to the northeastern reaches of USAmerica. Joining for this tour are Justin Arena (Nervous, Justin Arena) on lead guitar and Micah Butler (Chatterbox + LDS, Doom Scroll) on the bass.

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